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It is a known fact that when you are in 10th grade, every well meaning & concerned aunt or uncle would ask you about your future plans. I am currently in 10th grade and am going through what could be better called as my very own Ice-cream dilemma, my confusion of picking between Chocolate or Vanilla flavors amongst other choices, the horrid confusion of choosing my career path.

Apart from being confusing mumbo-jumbo, one thing I don’t understand is the less number of choices available. It seems that all comes down to being either a Medical Doctor or an Engineer. There seems to be hardly a pursuable choice out there apart from these popular two.  It is quite disheartening how our society is conditioned to believe that picking Arts as a career is directly proportional to being a loser.


It helps that I have understanding parents who do not force me to pick a career but encourage me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. My peers may be not so lucky. A lot of my friends and the people I know have been pressurized both at home and by society to pick Medicine as a career. If not that, the best they could settle for is the Engineering track. After Engineering, they are stepping on the illusionary ladder created by minds that haven’t seen much outside the box.

I am not saying that Medicine is a bad field or the like. In fact, it is a noble profession and what would happen to us if there were no white apron wearing individuals? Being a Doctor or an Engineer is alright. But have you really looked at all the other choices that exist? Have you considered being an Environmentalist? A Dietician? A Sociologist or a Geologist? There are, I am told & believe, many options out there. Take your time and decide. Give every possibility a chance. Weigh in the pros and cons.

It would help greatly if schools provide information and counsel their students as well. They can arrange meetings of the students with experienced men and women who excelled in their respective fields who can help us by answering our questions on how they achieved success. These Career Counselors could conduct aptitude tests; guide us with our careers based on our abilities and interests After all, aren’t schools supposed to help us in shaping our futures as well? The zero or not so keen involvement of schools in helping students in picking a career is quite disappointing & discouraging.

The Career Guidance programs being held in Kuwait are great. But they address a general audience and don’t really help much. I have attended about 3 Career guidance programs this year and haven’t really walked off with a clear career plan as to what I should, could or can do. A one-on-one conversation with a subject matter expert would be greater still.

Pick whatever you like, says my father, but make sure you excel in it. As per him and I believe, the world is no more a place of ‘struggle for existence’ rather it had become a place of ‘struggle for excellence’. My advice to all aspirants who are stuck in the same boat as I am is to check your interests & likings before choosing a profession. You have to be passionate with your work then only you can excel in your field. As per Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

There are multiple roads. Some have been trodden upon more, some less. Choosing what suits or seems to suit you the best will eventually make all the difference.

Finally, I would like to conclude with an inspiring quote from a great man:

“Climbing to the top demands strength and perseverence, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career” – APJ Abdul Kalam

Good luck picking your Ice-cream flavor!