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By: Dr. Mirza Umair Beg

The upper stratum of the society enjoys the benefits of the recent liberalization policy of the Government of India. They also recognize the significance of education in the achievement of success On the contrary; the lower strata of the population could sustain a slight improvement in their livelihood because they had neither money nor education.

Studies show that Muslims in India constituting around 15 % of its population represent the most backward community and its large population resides in Ghettos. Whether it is Mumbai or Assam, Gujarat or Uttar Pradesh majority of Muslims represents poorest of poor. Sachar Committee Report1 reveals that only 17% of Muslims could cross the high school education; 4% represent the total graduates and 2% represent postgraduates. In higher technical institution, the representation is around 1% of the total strength. Consequently, Muslim representation in jobs is poor.

The report also indicates that the propaganda of Muslim appeasement by Congress Government is false. In fact, two decades of communist rule also did nothing noteworthy in Bengal to uplift this poorest of poor community and their slums which are still without basic facilities, sanitation, schools and hospitals2. The champions of India Shining, the Government of Gujarat also turns its face from Muslim Ghettos in their state3.

On the other side, Muslims who come to Gulf countries are affluent of the society. They possess marketable skills because of their education. In addition, they have peace in their lives, which lead them thinking and improving others. They assembled and thought to establish an organization representing Indian Muslim Community, carrying out the programs in the development of Muslim community, and substantiating the efforts of the Government of India. IMWA came into existence and started its journey with leaps and bounds.

IMWA believes it is the responsibility of the better off of the community to support down trodden as charity begins at home. Once established, the doors will be open to all human beings. Further, in order to expand the noble cause, IMWA established FIMA, Federation of Indian Muslim Association, and took initiatives to bring all Indian Muslim Organizations under one umbrella.

Further, avoiding the drift from the right path, IMWA focuses on children and teens’ participation in understanding Quran and basic tenants of Islam and engages them in other constructive activities like seminars and lectures. In addition, it also organizes family get-together, sport activities for children and adult, and a variety of other activities to strengthen the ties between its members. The purpose was to infuse deep desire to know each other, to serve the humanity in general and work for the well being and prosperity of fellow Indians who needs support back home.

Several IMWA members had taken initiatives to establish or support schools in India. Also, many sponsor children for their education. However, still a lot remain to be done. IMWA will set an illustrious example if each member of IMWA sponsors a child and helps him/her to be educated.


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