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It is the unfold truth that most of the things in this world will have two side effects, whether it is natural or man maid, but the human beings are liable to choose the best and apply it in the best way so that he can feel vital and finest outcomes, the Holy Quran says “Say I seek refuge  with the Lord of dawn from the  iniquity of all the created”(chapter:113verse :1) for example, knife is used to cut vegetables and if it used to cut man’s hand it is the evil part of the knife. 

Today, we are in the super technology era where we can’t imagine ourselves without technological advances. IT can be a boon or bane depending on the users who decide on the direction of their use. In other words, information technology is like a two edged sword that can be used for good and bad. Let us understand this concept by considering a few examples. IT has always helped in maintaining relations, infact; the major success of IT among youth is this aspect. The social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut, google plus, etc. has created a drastic change in the field of communication. As every coin has two sides, IT too has good as well as ill effects. The only major threat for IT is whether people consider it as a boon or bane for the society.

Islam is a religion which focuses great importance on education and having velocity to survive the challenges and can be propagated in any ambiance of progress, it doesn’t fear the developments but accepts all the possibilities of the growth and diverts it in genuine way, “Read in the name of your Lord who created you “ ( Quran 96:1) this verse teaches a Muslim to acquire the knowledge and should fear God in handling any branch of knowledge to utilize himself and society positively.    

Media is the weapon of the west and antagonists of Islam which was used to defame and distort face of Islam, but Muslims used the same to protect and respond them,. Islam nourishes technology; it has imposed certain restrictions regarding its usage. The misuse of technology has paved the way to various social corruptions among youth which pulls them backwards in Islamic activities. Muslim’s ignorance in areas of technology leads to limitations in da’wah and restricts the efforts of propagation of the true religion. When the world is exclusively dependent upon IT for knowledge purposes, Muslims should not distance themselves from technology and at the same time; desire to propagate their religion to the other people. Therefore, we must exploit the good aspects of IT and use it for the preservation of our heritage and explore the new possibilities of IT in propagating Allah’s religion.

 “ Prepare with all the forces to face them “ (Quran:8:60) the meaning of force here can be any force contemporary, technology is the force of this era….

May allah bestow all his blessings upon us and gather all of us in his paradise. Aameen….