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The membership of IMWA is open to Indian Muslims residing in Kuwait. The executive committee shall have the exclusive right to accept or reject an application for the membership without assigning any reason.

The membership fee is K.D. 10/- for the year and a person who becomes member of IMWA shall be considered IMWA’s full member.  All dependent family members of a full member shall be the dependent members.  However, if any adult member of the family wishes to become a full member can do so by applying for the membership.  A full member shall have the right to attend the AGM of IMWA and to cast vote during elections.

The members shall provide their inputs in decision making and extend their cooperation in the execution of the association’s programs.

Any full member can become member of any Operational Cells of IMWA as per his interest to contribute to IMWA to achieve its goals.

The Motivation:

There is astounding power in unity and every individual member is an important component.  Striving together for a good cause as one body, with faith, confidence and responsibility will make deference.  Participate in IMWA’s programs to channelize your strength towards the benefit of community and humanity.  Become an IMWA member today! 

A Quick Introduction of IMWA:

Indian Muslim Welfare Association (IMWA) was founded in the year 1994 by a group of elite Indian Muslims residing in Kuwait.  The motivation behind the formation of this association was to provide a common platform for the Indian Muslims from various states of India with different cultural backgrounds and different languages to work together for the common cause.  IMWA has invited international figures in the field of Da’wah both from East and West.

IMWA is consisted of a body of General Members and an Executive Committee.  The General Body elects the Executive Committee of 15 members, of which 6 are Office Bearers.  The tenure of the Executive Committee is two years.  To achieve its goals and to convene its activities the Executive Committee forms several Operational Cells as stipulated in clause No. 8 of its constitution.  Every Operational Cell has its Convener, Co-Convener and members.  Every individual member is the strength of IMWA when it comes to implementation of its vision.

The policy, program and methodology of implementing its vision have been stipulated in its Constitution.  IMWA is a registered association with Embassy of India in Kuwait and maintains good rapport with the Indian mission.