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Indian Muslims residing in Kuwait were feeling for a long time to have a representation to discuss their socio economical problems and to feel togetherness in upholding the values of Islamic teachings and national integration. In 1994 a group of leading Indian Muslims living in Kuwait met and worked together to frame the common objective which led into formation of an all India body representing Muslims from all the states of India who were living in Kuwait to bring them under the banner of an association which was later named as Indian Muslim Welfare Association.

First EC was formed in 1995 under the president-ship of Dr. Masood Athar. After every two years elections were held. Initially the EC comprised of 11 members which were later extended to 15. IMWA believes in representing Indian Muslims residing in Kuwait and it is registered with Indian Embassy and Alhamdulillah has maintained a good rapport by coming up to contribute at any national or international calamity. It has always conducted programs that bring people together and serve not only Muslims but all the communities living in Kuwait. IMWA upholds secularism and believes in national integration and conducts programs accordingly.

Our Vision:

To bring cohesive understanding among Muslims living in Kuwait from all over India at one platform to be able to cut through illusions of contemporary nihilism and materialism as per teachings of Islam.


  • To have an association to initiate and implement effective program for economic, social, and educational progress of Muslims as well as other communities.
  • To inculcate teaching of Islam in order to create an ideal community to foster the feelings of fraternity and brotherhood among all human beings.
  • To promote educational activities by organizing seminars, lectures, counseling of students for career development and creation of awareness on current affairs.
  • To organize social get-together, artistic and literary activities, competitive and recreational sports.
  • To create liaison with Government of India for the implementation of educational and welfare programs and co-operate with local authorities.


Membership of IMWA is open to Indian Muslims residing in Kuwait. The Executive Committee shall have the exclusive right to accept or reject an application for the membership without assigning any reason. Click Here for further information about the IMWA membership.